Galaxy Starbound Official Rules

No excessive Racism or Biggotry, This is a 1-Warning Policy, and there are very few exceptions.
Excessive use of the words “Nigger”, “Chink”, or any political slurs / serious talk should be avoided in any way possible.

No Griefing Player constructions or Players themselves. This is a 1-Warning Policy with Appeal possibility.
You will be kicked then warned on your first offence, Followed by a ban with the possibility of an appeal on the second offence.

No excessive Particle Effects or Terraforming* tools. These cause a great amount of Stress to the server, because of this we will only allow these under special circumstances.
This is a 3-Warning Policy with Appeal possibility.

No excessive hate/slander/discrimination. Basically don’t be an asshole.
This offence could produce either a warning or immediate ban without appeal depending on the severity of the situation. This is a friendly community, please act appropriately.

*Ban's can be appealed by DM'ing Maarjin and M0nkey.
*Terraforming planets for large-scale builds will be done in an offline setting. Send a Discord Message to Maarjin or M0nkey to find out more