Modpack is out!
Hey guys so the Galaxy Starbound modpack has been released. It is nothing major and does in no way modify the main game. We have currently added custom teleporter locations and a mobility pad to navigate the hub better.
More will be added in due time. For now go ahead and download it
at this link: Modpack

It will be updated as the server expands!

Cya online.
Posted on 03 Aug 2016 by M0nkey
Downtime issues
I am sure everyone is concerned about the recent downtime the server has been experiencing. We are still investigating the main cause for this but at the moment the main issue is internet connectivity.

The internet is being blocked almost every other hour resulting in the server denying every connection and limiting internet.
I will be contacting our ISP to figure the issue out and let everyone know accordingly how we will proceed.

Thank you.
Posted on 02 Aug 2016 by M0nkey
These past couple of days have seen some amazing feedback regarding the launch of the server. We have a stable, growing community and are working on releasing the first mods to the server.

The hub world is slowly getting built up as well. Maarjin has drafted the rules for the server which can be found above at the rules page. They can also be found on the discord under its own channel.

Stay tuned for more updates as there will be many more to come.
Posted on 28 Jul 2016 by M0nkey
Server is up and running! I will be working on getting the word out so players can join up and enjoy the server.

Mods will come with time, depending on what players want
Posted on 22 Jul 2016 by M0nkey
The final page of the site is finished. The server will be starting up on the 22nd of July same day as 1.0 release of the game!
I am hoping to have the community accounts to be fully integrated with the rest of the site by that time.
Posted on 12 Jul 2016 by M0nkey
Scaling and other shananigans
I think I finally got it down. Although I had to sacrifice the gifs on top of the page in the process. They will be back though, I just need to make them behave properly on all devices.
But now the site should be completely scalable on all devices and keep the aspect ratio.
MYSQL stuff is still being worked on. The Login box needs to be revised, I tried adding it into the page and it looked terrible.
But, the groundwork is there and looking good.
Posted on 21 Jun 2016 by M0nkey
New things
Sp hopefully 1.0 will be coming out in the coming weeks, fingers crossed. Decided to change the background to something more colorful. I think it looks better now.
I am going to start building the MYSQL elements of the page, this includes the community portal.
Posted on 18 Jun 2016 by M0nkey
Connect Page
The connection guide page above has been finished, with a working ONLINE/OFFLINE status of the server. This will change dynamically and is a good way to see if the server is up and running.
Next step is getting a live player count.
Posted on 12 Jun 2016 by M0nkey
So the site is slowly taking shape. There is still much work to be done, as the community part of the site still needs lots of work. However I will now move all galaxystarbound news updates to this site away from the blog.

Stay tuned for more updates!
Posted on 11 Jun 2016 by M0nkey